iOS 11 : The 5 Hidden Features We Like

Apple is a fixture in many of our lives. The famed tech brand just rocked our world with their latest product announcement. Then a few weeks later, they followed up with an iOS 11 Update that will take your iPhone to the next level. Aside from some obvious adjustments to the display, there are quite a few hidden gems that will definitely make your iPhone clutch AF. We decided to dissect the upgrade and tell you about our 5 favorite upgrade options that are now available. Aside from the new emoji and the new swipe-up layout, these below items will have you stuntin’ on your peers right quick.

  • Live photos just got even more live. Instead of just being amazed at the fact that your photo moves, now you can select an actual picture from the selection of “Live Photo” shots. You can pick the pic you want to fix and actually keep that image. You can see the whole “Live Photo” frame by frame. This is dope because sometimes the images in the live sequence are better than the image that was snapped.
  • Your messages have more effects for clarity. So instead of slamming down that middle finger emoji, you can put the spotlight on it or make it echo. The spotlight feature is obvious but the echo feature is a bit much. The words scatter across the screen in a conversation bubble. It legit made our skin crawl. UGH.
  • Screenshots are forever changed with this upgrade. You can edit them at first sight and then have the option to either send right away, post, and discard so they don’t clog up the photo library. Some people and their shenanigans might get destroyed on social media with this new feature but.. whatever. The ability to edit, mark-up, and send screenshots right away is pretty cool.

  • For the traveler in all of us, we can now track flights via the Safari address bar. You simply cut and paste the flight number into the Safari bar and it will give up to date information for the flight including a map showing the flight’s direct location and path. Sounds a bit much but could be helpful at some point.
  • Is your Group Chat too lit? Now you can mute the conversation within that particular message by simply swiping left on the home Message Screen and “Hide Alerts”.

If you haven’t dived into the new Update yet, we strongly suggest you get it together and hit that download button.

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