WATCH: Jhené Aiko Drops Trip (The Movie)

Aside from making dope music and kicking it with Big Sean, the mulit-talented Jhené Aiko has been hard at work on other projects. One of those projects, Trip, a short autobiographical film was released on The film was written and co-directed by Jhené and actress Tracey Oliver (Girl’s Trip).

Trip is 23-minute film that takes viewers through the ups & downs of life with highlights on love, loss, and self-discovery. Aiko plays Penny, a character who spends much of her time dealing with a lot of stuff. The plot is similar to the superstar’s real life at times, from the death of her brother to her battles with depression. Like Aiko, Penny has to come to terms with her brother’s death. She meets Dante who becomes much-needed company to help get her through the dark times. Aiko narrates Penny’s journey through the film which is also accompanied by her music and poetry. Press play on the clip above to see the film in its entirety. Head over to to support the project by purchasing it via PayPal.

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