Tuma Basa And Spotify Are Serving RapCaviar For The Culture

When it comes to what’s really good with music, there are only a handful of people who are on top of their game. Majority of those people were in the same room last night serving up some serious conversation for the culture. Spotify knew what they were doing when they decided to link up with Tuma Basa. Basa is the Head of Global Programming but he is currently in charge of Hip Hop. He raised the playlist bar and created RapCaviar. RapCaviar is a specially curated playlist that includes tracks from the hottest Hip Hop artists buzzing. The playlist totes over 7 million followers and pushes artists to the next level with worldwide props and exposure.

“You can cook your own food at home but when you wanna eat out, you go to a chef.” – Tuma Basa on RapCaviar

The Genius of RapCaviar conversation shed light on the platform’s ability to provide a lane for artists by way of a well-put-together playlist. With an elite level of music knowledge, Basa handpicks the tracks and visuals for the playlist. Before linking with Spotify, he was an influential force for music programming at places like BET, Revolt, and even MTV. His opinion is valid AF and his music choices are trusted. His main goal is staying ahead of the trend, knowing what’s poppin’ before it pops.

RapCaviar has a heavy influence on the culture. Music is an integral part of a variety of things but it is legitimately the soundtrack to people’s lives. A lot of artists are now focused on longevity versus being hot for the moment and simple ‘one-hit-wonders’. This could create some interesting musical archives, as well as some monumental cultural moments.

The conversation was led by Basa and Genius main man, Rob Markman. A few minutes in, they were joined on stage by G4Shi, 24HRS, Trippie Redd and Spotify’s own Brittany Lewis. Lewis is another driving force behind identifying what’s poppin’ over at Spotify. G4Shi, 24HRS, and Trippie Redd are just a few of the artists making their mark right now. They are buzzing in the streets, on YouTube, and generating solid stream numbers on Spotify. They talked heavy about the process and what they endured to get where they’re at. They also gave some interesting insight into how the music game has changed, how it’s changed them, and what they are looking forward to in the future. It was interesting to hear them all talk about how they started in comparison to where they are right now. It will be interesting to see where they go next.

If you wanna get with a game-changing situation, check out RapCaviar on Spotify and visit us on Instagram, @Roc4Life, for a quick event recap.

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