Talented Shooters on Display at Photoville | Brooklyn

Photography is an important part of curating history and making memories. It’s not just about taking a photo. It’s about the angle, the lighting, and capturing the image so that it can be shared with others exactly the way the shooter sees it. Some photographers are very passionate about their work and it is evident in the images they create. If you want to see some amazing photos, we suggest you head to Brooklyn. There are a bevy of dope images on display at Photoville. Photoville is a Photo Festival under the Brooklyn Bridge in Dumbo’s Brooklyn Bridge Park.

Photoville is a photo exhibit created with shipping containers that utilize outdoor space and the city skyline to create the perfect vibe for the presentation. There are a variety of themes being represented in this year’s  exhibit and they all are appealing to the eye. Refinery 29, Mass Appeal, the Women’s March, and The Undefeated are just a few of the presenters at Photoville. The themes for their photo booths range from African Americans in sports to Charlottesville to Body Image to a celebration of some of Hip Hop’s most Iconic images.

Mass Appeal created the Contact High Project, an exhibit that puts the spotlight on the photographers that helped curate Hip Hop culture with visuals. Curated by Vikki Tobak and Syreeta Gates, the exhibit is a walk through 40 years of iconic Hip Hop images. Some of them we’ve seen before and some of them didn’t make the cut. These images are so important to the culture. The personality of the artists and the vibe of the time period being captured are clearly conveyed. The images are arranged in chronological order, ending with images of some of today’s hottest artists.

The Undefeated and The Player’s Tribune showcased the lives of African-Americans and their lives as they know it. The subjects ranged from athletes to community members and they were showcased in action, doing what they do best. The exhibits touch parts around the world that we would never see otherwise and some of them address issues that are prevalent to today’s struggles. Refinery 29 gave us visuals on women and Body Image while the Charlottesville exhibit put that entire event into perspective. You could feel the anger and range of emotions just from looking at the photos. Climate change, protest, poverty, success, beauty, manhood, and life are all represented at Photoville.

Swipe left on the gallery above to see some of our favorite images. Photoville should definitely be on your radar for weekend activities.


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