Reality Bites: Protect Puerto Rico At All Costs

There is something to be said for our government and the way it’s treating the people. We all know that all they care about is money, it’s not a secret. To openly leave people hanging after such devastating storms passed through is disgusting. Hurricane Maria is the most recent storm system to barrel through the Caribbean. When all was said and done, the island of Puerto Rico was ravaged and certain areas were decimated. People are stranded without access to food, water, and electricity. Those are the bare essentials  needed to live. How long are they supposed to wait for their government to reach out and help them?

First and foremost… the man that some of you elected to run this country did a poor job at even acknowledging the fact that Puerto Rico is in distress. He spent majority of his time focused on the NFL, absurd tax breaks/cuts, and just being his regular-degular insensitive self. He never spoke about Puerto Rico, he never said he was sending help, and he hasn’t even visited the island to survery the damage. The Jones Act which regulated shipping in and out of U.S. waters and ports, seemed to be the red-tape that was keeping the supplies from getting to the people.

WAIT… SO. You mean to tell me that cashing out on imports is more important than saving human lives? Got it.

After much back and forth, Trump waived the Jones Act so that people could live. The Jones Act has been a thorn in Puerto Rico’s side for quite some time but that’s a story for another day. Aside from supplies not getting to the island, FEMA couldn’t get in. The roads are blocked and trucks can’t drive to get to the hard hit areas. Nobody could get in to help and he wasn’t talking about it. Maybe he thought the situation would just disappear.

As the days progressed, people started to wonder about his actions. Maybe he didn’t know Puerto Rico was a territory in the United States. He did comment on how it was an island sitting in the middle of an ocean…a really big one. Maybe he was doing it intentionally. He does have a thing for people who are not “American”. But wait, we are talking about Puerto Rico…Right? We will never know his reasons but we do know that after much criticism, he made a move that will save many lives. Hopefully, his half-ass efforts aren’t too late.

A few things…

Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz is out in the trenches trying to help her people. Not only has she been affected by the wrath of the Hurricane but she has to help get other people through it. She is out daily trying to get her people what they need, literally in the streets. Residents in New York City with families in Puerto Rico are putting together money and supplies to send there. TIDAL has a whole cargo plane they are filling with 200,000 pounds of supplies to take to the island. Royal Caribbean has cancelled cruises so they can cruise around and pick up some families and drop off supplies. Artists, celebrities, and DJs are planning fundraising events to raise money. Five former Presidents even linked up to create a relief effort and have included Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands to receive assistance.

If all these people can figure out the right thing, WHY CAN’T THE PRESIDENT FIGURE IT OUT? **insert think face emoji.

Please hit some of these IG accounts and links to assist however and wherever you can. This could be us one day.


Monday Vibes @cielonyc “NewYork For Puerto Rico” Spread The Word!

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As the humanitarian crisis in Puerto Rico grows, our brothers and sisters are desperate for our help. Please join myself, TIDAL, Governor Cuomo, and Ruben Diaz Jr. as we collect and transport much-needed supplies to the island. The goal is to fill and send as many cargo planes as possible.  Donate or find your local drop-off location and help save lives. Head to If you are in the New York area we are collecting non perishable items such as water, batteries, can foods, diapers,baby wipes, canned formula, etc. on September 30th at the Jacob Javits Center. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart and I promise all these items will be delivered by ME personally to Puerto Rico. God bless. #savepuertorico

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