WATCH: Talib Kweli feat. Rick Ross, Yummy Bingham “Heads Up Eyes Open”

Talib Kweli is consistent with making conscious music. His songs usually evoke higher-order thinking and deliver a message that society needs to hear. His latest track, Heads Up Eyes Open, comes with a visual that puts life as a working parent into perspective. The track is an audio contrast between a working father and his son, who chooses to rep a life of crime. With the vocals of Yummy Bingham and a guest verse by Rick Ross, Kweli manages to address a myriad of issues that continue to weigh heavy on the Black community. Directed by Smithhouse, the video goes through a-day-in-the-life of a father and son as they move through their daily movements.

In an interview with Rolling Stone (click to read), Talib discusses where he drew the inspiration for the song. He dedicates the track to the memory of Headqcourterz, a friend of DJ Premier who worked with him while he was at Rawkus. He was brutally murdered back in 2002 but his memory remains very much alive. Headqcourterz used to say, “Heads Up Eyes Open”, everytime he was leaving. That phrase stayed with Talib from that moment and helped him to stay focused as he moved through his career. The song is included on his upcoming LP, Radio Silence, scheduled for release on November 17th.

Press play to see the video above and be sure to get that album once it drops.


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