Is It True? | Billboard Set To Start Counting YouTube Streams On Album Charts

The Internet has changed the way music is made, received, and circulated. We are far removed from the times when vinyl, cassette, and CD sales were the metrics used to measure popularity. As technology continues to evolve, companies like Billboard and YouTube have to make some adjustments to keep up with the times. YouTube houses all kinds of music streams while Billboard is responsible for compiling trusted music stats. Billboard numbers are important to quite a few things so accuracy is key. To make sure their count includes all sources, they might be adding another component to the list. Word on the street is Billboard will allegedly start counting YouTube Streams in album chart stats.

Allegedly is the key word in this whole thing. Neither Billboard or YouTube have made an announcement about this new plan yet. While there is no official word on this situation, the news is spreading faster than fast. If it’s true, this is a total game changer indeed. Artists are definitely going to be moving different with YouTube numbers factored in. Is there going to be a method to which streams get counted? Will it only include artist-generated content? This probably means people won’t be able to buy YouTube views anymore and sitting at home clicking your video a million times probably won’t be allowed either.

With streams as a new counter, it might get easier to get your song onto the Billboard 200 Chart. If Lyor Cohen is behind this change then we know it was carefully calculated. As Head of Global Music at YouTube, he’s probably looking to make some significant changes, on both ends. He’s had his hands in the music industry for years and seems to know how to make things pop. For now, we will wait and see if either party makes a formal statement about the switch.

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