Please Stop Posting Your Status Messages On Facebook If…

There are so many annoying things about Facebook. One of them happens to be the very thing that makes it popular, the ability to post status messages. People have taken posting status messages to the next level and found a way to annoy almost any one who reads them.

Given the fact that Facebook is a social media site, there is bound to be plenty of social interaction. There are people who make it impossible to peruse the site without wanting to type “Shut the f#*k up” on the bottom of their status messages. While there is no right or wrong way to write a FB status, there is definitely an annoying way to do it. We’ve decided to call out some of the most irritating Facebook messages that can be posted. The style may vary but the type of status message spans Facebook on a daily.

Please stop posting your status messages on Facebook if…

1.  There are a million hashtags at the end of it.
“Me and the boo daddy are eatin’ at Red Lobster for our anniversary!” #WeOutchea #SeafoodIsForLovers #Skrimp #BirthdaySexForOurAnniversary #CheddarCheeseBiscuits #AllYouCanEat #CrabAndLobster #WeBallin #DontHate

2.  You are announcing daily activities as they actually happen.
“Boutah hit the gym”  then “Just finished in the gym. Boutah hit the shower” then “Boutah get my post-workout grub on” then “My stomach is bubbling now. Boutah hit the bathroom” then “Oh sh*t. The toilet is my best friend” then “Boutah hit the bed”. This is NOT cool and it clogs up people’s newsfeeds with rhetoric.

3.  You are making an announcement that really isn’t the announcement.
“OMG! Best day ever. Can’t believe that happened”
Then when someone asks about it, you tell them to mind their business. -_-

4.  You are planning on unfriending people who are not really your friend, allegedly.
“FML it’s time to clean up Facebook. Deleting all the fakes and the flakes. If you’re reading this then we are good money. If not, then I deleted you”. Just hit “Unfriend” and keep it pushing.

5.  Subliminal status messages that are talking to someone but no one at the same time.
“You seriously need to get your shit together. You think you’re all that but ur not.”
Once again when someone asks about it, they are told to mind their business. -_-

6. Using Facebook Live should be done with the utmost discrection. There are some activities that don’t require a  social media “Live” update.

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