Jhené Aiko x Big Sean Gives Us ‘Moments’ on Jimmy Fallon


Jhené Aiko and Big Sean were the talk of the town yesterday. The three-time Grammy nominated artist hit the tattoo parlor to get some custom ink. She showed off her newest body design on Instagram and it was a certified  conversation starter. She tattooed a color portrait of her Boo Big Sean on the back of her arm. It’s definitely not a tiny piece. It is a pretty interestng ode to the love of her life and a celebratory gift to her self. Word on the street is that her divorce is final and she’s ready to make Big Sean official.

The two have been officially unofficial for quite some time. Perhaps her pending divorce is what caused them to keep the verbal relationship confirmation to a minimum. Either way, reppin’ her Boo on her arm is a huge step but their bond and chemistry was obvious. The two make music together and their vibe is evident all the time. Whether they’re singing a tune or just interacting with one another, they always look like they belong together.

Last night, after her big tattoo reveal, the two appeared on Jimmy Fallon. They performed ‘Moments’ which talks about moments in time that take a whole lifetime to find. She’s clearly singing about him and he is clearly versing about her. Press play on the clip above and see what their chemistry is all about.

Shout out to them for allegedly finding what so many people are looking for.

Photo Credit: YouTube / Instagram
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