Eminem Gets A “Little” Political In His Cypher | Watch

The BET Hip Hop Awards are notorious for their Cypher sessions. Whether the outcome is good or bad, people tune in to see who’s saying what in between the award show shenanigans. Per usual, DJ Premier was on the 1&2s. This year, the Cyphers didn’t really hit but there were a few artists that were definitely lit. While it was good to see artists like Rapsody, A Boogie, Leikeli 47, Fat Joe, 6lack, Kodie Shane, Mysonne, Tee Grizzley, Belly, and Cyhi do their thing…everyone was waiting on Eminem.

We all know that Eminem is capable of delivering Bars and he definitely didn’t disappoint last night. After being under wraps for quite some time, Em made his return in a Cypher that was basically a 4.5 minute rant about Donald Trump. He chose his words wisely and ripped the President from front to back. His lyrical skill has always been clutch and he’s never been one to hold his tongue. It was a pleasure watching him take his shine time and stand up for the BS that’s happening right now.

Please don’t get it twisted, he is not an activist by any means. He has always been a political rapper, meaning, he always spoke out on issues that he felt were pressing whether folks liked it or not. Last night, he used his platform and his voice to relay a message that most of us deal with on a daily. Did he say anything new, NO. He went in, on a very public platform, and he really didn’t have to. He caped for us and as usual, there’s commentary. People are sitting on their behinds criticizing his “freestyle” and talking smack about how “wack” it was. On the one hand, the public calls on rappers, celebs, artists, etc. to use their platform to speak on social issues. Then they turn around and criticize them when they do.

What do y’all really want? Maybe this is why we can’t band together and get it together because everybody always has something to say. If you missed Eminem unleash last night, press play on the clip above and enjoy.

To date, your President still hasn’t come through with a response.

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