HARTlem Art Show Brings Creatives To Harlem

New York City is the perfect place for creatives to show off their skills. The vibe and influence of the city bring out the best in creative people. Artists from all over come to New York City with a dollar and a dream of being successful. Art is an important part of the culture of New York City and supporting it in every way is key to keeping it alive. The HARTlem Art Show is one of the many platforms that allow artists to flourish. HARTlem is a New York City-based art show allowing artists from all over to showcase their talents for a week-long presentation. The installations are coupled with events and gatherings in between.

From the Drink + Create Art Class to The Body: An Ode To Women exhibit, there is definitely something for everyone to enjoy. Things That Go Bump In The Night: A Glow In The Dark Party Experience comes just in time for Halloween. The presentation includes live art installations and performances while DJs Spotlight NY and Genius in HD do their thing on the 1&2s. Fashion and Art collide at Sole Service. Sole Service is a gathering of footwear, streetwear, and accessory brands showcasing some of their dopest creations. The gallery installation takes place at the H Loft on 145th Street. There will be a selection of artwork and guests will be treated to live painting, performances, and a delicious offering of food and drink. This week-long art show is definitely something for your To-Do list. For more information and tickets, visit here.


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