2 Dope Queens x HBO Take Over Kings Theater in Brooklyn

2 Dope Queens, Phoebe Robinson & Jessica Williams, are some of the realest chicks you’ll ever encounter. They make up up the podcast duo, 2 Dope Queens, and they basically give us their take on life, love, and all things in between. Their podcast episodes are set-up like a conversation between two friends that sometimes include other friends, who happen to be hellafunny.  Some of their past episodes include Black Women Are For Grown Ups, A Ben Carson Roast, and the Vagina Dentata episode. The Queens decided to link up with HBO to bring their live show to Brooklyn. They took over the Kings Theater stage this week to bring their podcast show to life.

The made for HBO special is being shot over the course of two days. Each show includes a bevy of special guests. Because the show is being filmed for HBO, no phones are allowed. Phones are locked in a lock-bag until the end of the show (Ugh…mad annoying). The first taping, which happened last night, was pretty dope. They have a very diverse fan-base that doesn’t take offense to their selection of white people jokes and jabs. The ladies were on stage with their signature glasses of Rosé, their sarcastic remarks, and quite a few special guests like Uzo Aduba. They played the Nerd Edition of F*#kMarryKill, spilled wine, and talked about their love for video games, or lackthereof.

If you’re interested in seeing these ladies live, click here to possibly score free tickets.

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