ROC That Premiere | Take Away The Pain – Jamin feat. Danielle Parente (Video)

Jāmin knows that music is an important part of life. Everyone has a song or playlist that makes them feel good when they’re feeling down. Producer/DJ Jāmin, is offering up a song that does just that. His first original release, Take Away The Pain, is a dance/R&B track that will definitely give you the positive lift you need.

“Take Away The Pain” is a combination of R&B vocals and house rhythms that create a fun and upbeat song. The soulful vibe makes you want to sing along and the beat makes your head nod at first listen. There are all kinds of positivity sprinked throughout the lyrics. Thanks to current events and some very trying times, this is the perfect song to have on heavy rotation. The accompanying visual drops just in time for Halloween and should be played at ignorant levels.

  “One of the most important things you can do on this earth is to let people know they are not alone.” – Shannon L. Alder.

Jāmin is not new to the music scene. He has an impressive roster that includes a variety of experiences. He started testing his musical talents at the age of 12. From studying at NYU’s Steinhardt School to opening Ishlab (in BK), to placing music for big networks, he’s had his hands in the music industry the entire time. When he’s not founding non-profit organizations (Project Rhythm) or working with the likes of A$AP Rocky and  Theophilus London, he’s DJing parties for Chanel, Anna Wintour, and Tom Cruise.

Press play to see “Take Away The Pain” in its entirety and visit Jāmin’s IG to see what he’s got going on next.

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