SNATCHED! @ThisIsNotMyCoffee Is Coming To A Starbucks Near You

If you’ve ever been in a Starbucks coffee shop, you know that it can be a zoo. Supervising prepared drinks and pick-up orders is a task. The Baristas have a lot of responsibility behind the counter and the pick-up feature in the app made things even more hectic. There is an Instagram account that is posted up at a Starbucks franchise near you and they are snatching your pick-up drinks. The @ThisIsNotMyCoffee Instagram account is a comical display of snatched pick-up orders with a critique and rating of the buyer’s choices.

@ThisIsNotMyCoffee celebrates the yummy drinks and trashes the nasty ones. The commentary is hilarious as he addresses drinkers by name and talks about their choice of Starbucks beverage. He rates each drink on a scale of 1-10 and even makes suggestions as to what drink people should cop next. From unsweetened Green Iced Tea to a well dressed Iced Coffee, this person’s knowledge of coffee/tea is legit.

After reading his commentary, it’s almost a guarantee that people are ordering the drinks he praises. He travels around the U.S. making sure people’s coffee options are on point. While everyone should think this account is funny, there are a few party poopers who are tagging Starbucks in the comments. They’re super wack for that! It’s probably someone who’s upset that their drink got trashed on the account. Follow @ThisIsNotMyCoffee on the Gram to see where they’re snatching coffee from next.

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