Ginjan | The Healthy Balance & Boost You Need

Eating clean and staying healthy is an important part of living these days. People are going above and beyond to come correct when it comes to their lives. A good start is developing better eating habits and exercise routines with consistency. In between all of that, there are supplements and other things to fill in the gaps. We found one that is worth sipping on a daily. Thanks to Rahim and Diallo Mohammed, GINJAN was born. GINJAN is a ginger drink that comes with all the ingredients your body needs without losing the classic flavor of the culture it represents.

GINJAN is an organic drink with a traditional West African recipe. The 1000-year-old recipe is replicated and tweaked with precision. Rahim and Diallo used to help their mother make it when they were young. They decided to bring their mother’s recipe to life with a few adjustments. Ginger root is a natural ingredient with many powers. It gives this drink the power to help boost your immune system, combat nausea & motion sickness, and act as a powerful anti-oxidant.

Until lions tell their tale, the story of the hunt will always glorify the hunter – African Proverb

The overall flavor is refreshing and captures every ingredient to taste. The ginger root is the most potent and adds a nice little kick going down. Not only is GINJAN great to drink alone but it can be mixed into just about anything, even a cocktail. The 10 oz. bottle is being sold at Whole Foods and select retailers all over the city. Visit the website for additional information and purchases.

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