‘Urban Legends’ Is Here For The Culture

Music is constantly moving in different directions. Despite its everchanging flow, one thing is for sure…we owe a lot of props to the culture and the musical legends behind it. Many of these artists created the hits that inspired the majority of music makers today. In order to celebrate their accomplishments and continued influence in the industry, Universal Music Group launched Urban Legends. Urban Legends is a spanking new multi-faceted platform that is committed to curating and celebrating over 30 years of music and culture of hip-hop and R&B artists under the UMG umbrella.


Allow us to introduce ourselves. #UrbanLegends

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Urban Legends is a website that will serve as an editorial content site with daily news and features as well as an E-commerce platform. The featured music and videos will primarily feature artists and music that played an integral part in shaping the genre of urban music into what it is today. Catalogs, videos, and content will include music from as early as the 1980s and span over the 1990s and 2000s.

This new platform will serve as a database for people who claim to be about the culture. There will be a solid amount of history and information that will prove to be very valuable to up & coming artists, their fans, and anyone who is not well versed in the history of urban music. It is important for the young generations to become familiar with the history of the culture so that they can respect it and keep it alive.

For a first look at the site, visit urbanlegends.com and see what they’ve got going on.

We want to ensure that we are constantly evolving and offering fans new ways to discover, and sometimes rediscover, the foundations of classic music in anengaging way. We hope this new platform will give fans a new way to connect, discover and contextualize music.” – Bruce Resnikoff

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