It’s A Wrap! Gift Wrapping Tips For The Holidays

This is it… Christmas is just a few weeks away and folks are getting their holiday preparation on. If you were lucky enough to get all your shopping done, now it’s time to wrap.

No, we don’t mean spittin’ a few bars…

We’re talking about wrapping your gifts for presentation. Despite the fact that it will get ripped open in a matter of seconds, it should look nice in the process.


People take great pride in their gifts during the holidays and how they wrap them. There are quite a few tricks to making your gifts look like a million bucks, without spending that much. All you need is some wrapping paper, scotch tape, a glue stick, scissors, curling ribbon, and some patience. First and foremost, it is important to make sure you have enough paper. If you are buying multiple rolls, it helps to color coordinate. Solid colors and prints go great together and keep some color control and order underneath the tree.


Sharp scissors are recommended as the cut of the paper should be clean and not jagged. Straight lines are important and accurate measurements are key. A lot of paper designs come with a grid on the back so that you can cut straight edges. Masking tape is an absolute no-no when wrapping gifts. Scotch Tape or any clear invisible tape works great. Glue sticks are an awesome option as well. They leave no tape lines all over the package and the seams fasten quickly.


Bows and curling ribbon add a nice touch to any package. When wrapping something with a weird shape, tissue paper is the way to go. Gather the paper around the gift and secure it with curling ribbon. This gives you a great looking package. The ends of the ribbon can be curled with a scissor edge for a little extra flair. Using contrast colors for bows and ribbons can add an extra color pop to your gift. They add a special touch and are a great place to fasten the gift tags.

We hope these tips and examples can help you breeze through your wrap session. If not, there’s always the gift wrap table at the mall.

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