Salud! COQUITO Is The Wave For The Holidays

The day after Thanksgiving signals Coquito season. For those who don’t know, Coquito is a Spanish eggnog beverage that is in heavy rotation until the New Year. It is mixed and served by Latino families worldwide. Since National Egg Nog Day is this month, it is only right we pay homage to the famed holiday drink and talk about why it should be on a constant flow. Latinos all over the country prepare Coquito and give it as gifts or serve it at holiday family gatherings.

Coquito is a delicious blend of leche condensada (condensed milk), leche evaporada, Creme de Coco, leche de coco, cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla, and Bacardi White Rum. Some people will substitute the rum with Henny or vodka. You’re not supposed to (traditionally) but this is 2016 so anything goes. The drink is made by hand, using pots on the stove and no exact measurements. Like most traditional recipes, there is no way to accurately measure the ingredients. There are also no blenders and food processors in the original recipe. As the madness starts to spread, the recipe is starting to change and become a lot more “commercial”. Celebrate Christmas Eve aka National Egg Nog Day by toasting up a glass of Coquito. Let’s hope this treasured latino tradition never crosses paths with “Gentrification”.

It would be a shame to see this on some trendy menu as a “Spanish Milk & Rum” cocktail.

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