Holiday Movies You Should Have On Heavy Rotation

It’s the holidays and trying to get into the spirit involves a few things. Of course, decorations and gifts are mandatory. The seasonal music and movies are an important piece to the holiday season. The holiday tunes are on rotation early and by mid-December, folks are tired of them. The movies are kind of the same way. People watch the same holiday flicks over and over, year after year. There has to be some variation.

We’ve come up with a list of the five Holiday movies that you should have on rotation. They are not your conventional gift and Santa situations but they will get you in the holiday spirit nonetheless. Check out some of the clips below and put these on your holiday movie list ASAP. Netflix has a steady stream of movies and some of these are available there as well. ENJOY!

Die Hard – Bruce Willis goes to spend the holidays with his family and ends up blowing a whole bunch of stuff up.

Coming To America – Eddie Murphy and Arsenio hit New York City during the holidays to find a wife.

Trading Places – Eddie Murphy delivers again with this comedy about literally going from rags to riches. There are a LOT of on-time messages in this movie.

Home Alone 2 – Kevin McAllister is alone again… This time in New York City during the Holidays. The President Elect makes a cameo in this flick.

A Christmas Story – This movie is everything… Kids and Christmas. Classic.  “You’ll shoot your eye out.”

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