PUMA Let The JAMMING Out at Art Basel 2017

PUMA brought the heat to Miami during Art Basel. The Global footwear brand took to Miami Beach during one of the cities hottest weeks for the Arts. They showcased the shoe in an interactive experience that allows guests to become familiar with their latest drop, the Jamming. The PUMA Jamming is designed with comfort in mind. It is constructed with the brand’s latest technology – raw NRGY beads.

The JAMMING pop-up experience allowed guests to see, touch, and feel the components of the show. The NRGY beads were in display cases with the shoes so that people could feel them. The giant ball pit was full of inflatable NRGY replicas with gift cards buried inside for the win. The interactive screens were motion activated and the GIF photo booth made some next level videos for social media. Because we pulled up to the exhibit early in the a.m., we were greeted with all kinds of juices to get our energy up.

“We always look to create products that change the game, whether it’s for athletes or for those who just want to look good.” – Karin Baust

The JAMMING is constructed with raw NRGY beads in the sole of the shoe. They move around inside the see-through midsole to take the shape of the wearer’s every step. Whether it’s hitting the workout trail or just kicking back with friends, the JAMMING rises to the occasion every time. The combination of beads and movement allows for ultimate comfort and cushioning that is customized for every step.

Swipe the gallery above to check out some shots of the shoe and images from the Art Basel installation. Hit Puma.com/jamming for additional information and purchase options.

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