Art Basel 2017 Wynwood Walls | Photos

Miami Beach is a popular destination. For the first week in December, its popularity gets pushed to a whole different level. Art Basel sets up shop in Miami Beach for a few days so that creatives from all over the world can share their work. Galleries and exhibits are set up all over the city and Miami Beach Convention Center is home to a variety of activities.

Artist #RonEnglish at work at Art Basel, Wynwood.

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Aside from the SCOPE show and UNTITLED ART tent on Miami Beach, there are galleries situated all around. Another popular spot during Basel is Wynwood Walls. Wynwood is home to a variety of galleries, exhibits, performance locations, and graffiti walls. We posted up at Wynwood on Day 2 to see what was going on. The large, outdoor area was covered in colorful street art from artists like Shepard Fairey (OBEY), Ron English, and The London Police. We happened to catch a glimpse of Ron English at work as he put the finishing touches on his mural. The muscle-bound baby and the camo deer were just a few of the outstanding visuals at Wynwood. Even though there are a lot of things to see, this happens to be one of the most popular places to be. The street art is on point and the vibe is right.

Scroll through the images below to see a photo recap of our visit. Basel hits Hong Kong next and will be back in Miami Dec. 6 – 9, 2018.



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