National Geographic Celebrates 130 Years of Photos

National Geographic is no stranger to fresh photos. The famed magazine is notorious for capturing all kinds of epic shots and interesting images. Nat Geo photographers go above and beyond to snap some of nature’s finest moments and happenings. This year, Nat Geo is celebrating a milestone. They are recognizing nearly 130 years of photography in an amazing exhibition in Miami. National Geographic Fine Art Galleries will be running a month-long exhibit showcasing some of Nat Geo’s best photos.

The exhibit kicked off Art Basel weekend and will be open for at least a month. The photos on display are a mix of a variety of themes including nature, humanity, and the elements. The photos are a “collection of photography rich with artistic heritage, innovation, and as diverse as the world in which we live.” The photos are not only on display but are also up for sale. If you are looking for a little bit of visual flavor for your space, these are on point. We snapped some pics of our favorite pieces but we highly recommend you make the visit.

The exhibit is located at 1 South Beach Hotel at Collins Avenue. Visit here for further details.


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