HBO Captures The Vibe of Latina Culture In 15 ‘A Quinceañera Story’

The Fiesta de Quinceañera is a special time for young Latina women. This coming of age celebration is a happy time for the Quinceañera, as well as her family and friends. There is a lot of preparation and planning for executing the perfect celebration. From saving money to picking the perfect dress and court, there is a lot to be put into place. Aside from the party prep, the transition from girl to woman is a cultural rite of passage for Latinas. HBO teamed up with Thalia Sodi, Tommy Mottola, and Matthew O’Neill to deliver a documentary series that delivers an inside look at the process. “15: A Quinceañera Story” is a documentary series that highlights the lives of 5 young Latina women who are getting ready to make that change.

‘Quinceañera’ is a 4-day documentary series that takes a detailed look at the lives of Zoey, Rosi, Ashley, Jackie, and Nina during their transition. These five young women are doing great things and are ready to switch shoes into womanhood. The girls come from a variety of situations that are prevalent to growing up Latina in America today. Given the tone of the country in this day and age, it is important to see Latino cultures and traditions preserved and carried over through generations. Women are facing some tough times right now and watching these young ladies do their thing is amazing. For other young women, in similar situations, it is a sure sign of hope and a way to offer encouragement.

“The ‘Quinceañera’ stories show the will, desire and passion to survive, overcome and progress,” Mottola says. “That’s empowerment you can’t buy.”

We were able to check out the first two episodes via an HBO Premiere event and we were thoroughly impressed with both. It was a pleasure meeting the young ladies and their families as well as Thalia and some of the people who made this happen. The series starts today @ 7 p.m. on HBO and airs consecutively for the next 3 days. Swipe the photos above for a quick event recap and click the trailer below for a glimpse.

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