R4L’s Top 5 New Year’s Eve Traditions For A Prosperous New Year

Family and cultural traditions are an important part of everyday life. As the New Year approaches, people are starting their cultural traditions to ensure a happy and prosperous new year. Your family’s cultural roots will determine how you usher in the new year. Las Doce Uvas de la Suerte is a very popular tradition across many cultures but it’s an original Latino tradition. Eating a prosperity meal (black-eyed peas, collard greens) is a popular tradition amongst a variety of cultures as well. It’s so popular, restaurants are serving this meal for people to enjoy on New Year’s Eve. If you’re into traditions, we gave you five popular ones that you can try. If you’ve never done any of these before, this might be a good way to start your new year off to a good start.

Eating 12 grapes (las doce uvas de la suerte) and sipping on some bubbly just before the clock strikes midnight or at midnight is a very popular Latino New Year tradition. Eating grapes is said to bring luck and prosperity for each month of the coming year. Please don’t choke! Pace yourself and only use seedless grapes. They must all be eaten before 12:01 am.

Bring the Noise for the New Year! Banging on pots and pans and making as much noise as possible is a popular New Year tradition. When the clock strikes midnight, making a ridiculous amount of noise will scare away all the negativity and bad spirits coming for your 2018.


In the South, eating cornbread, black-eyed peas, salt pork, and collard/mustard greens is said to bring a prosperous New Year as well. Eating a hearty meal with the above ingredients will bring you luck and prosperity for the coming year.


Getting rid of the old year is important. Throwing a pot or bucket of water out of the window will get rid of the old year, to welcome in the new one. Just make sure your neighbors are not standing underneath your window.


Cleaning your house to enter the new year is symbolic for fresh beginnings and renewal. Taking care of laundry,cleaning bathrooms & bedrooms, and kitchens are all included. However you end the new year is how your new year begins. Some people sweep the dirt out the front door and sweep 12 coins in from outside for prosperity in the New Year.


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