Chloe x Halle On The Track! Sister Duo Inks Theme Song for “GROWN-ISH”

Chloe x Halle have made some amazing moves in 2017. The breakout singing-sister duo has been wow’ing folks all over the world under Beyoncé’s Parkwood Entertainment label. The duo performed on a variety of stages and has been featured on Billboard’s “21 under 21” and Rolling Stone’s “25 Under 25”. Leaving 2017 with a bang, they’re setting the tone for the new year with this next project. They’ve inked the theme song for Yara Shahidi’s highly anticipated Blackish spin-off project, “GROWN-ISH“.

“GROWN-ISH” will follow the life of Zoey, played by Shahidi, who leaves the nest and goes off to college. Black-ish prepped us for this possibility of a spin-off as they introduced parts of the storyline during the show’s regular season shows. The theme song titled Grown, opens up with the line…”Watch out world, I’m grown now.” The girls not only inked the theme song but are set to have a recurring role on the show as it rolls out for 2018. They are also set to drop their debut album some time next year.

Press play on the video below to hear the track. The two-episode season premiere is set to drop on January 3, 2018 at 8:00pm on Freeform.

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